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Herd Sires & Cows

We strive to use the best quality cows in our program, see below the herd bulls in our herd in 2022 and the following bulls will be used in our AI Program in 2022.  NJW 133A 6589 MANIFEST 87G ET, UPS SENSATION 2504 ET, CRR 6589 BALANCE 107, NJW 160B 028X HISTORIC 81E ET, NJW 76S 27A LONG RANGE 203D ET, UPS ENTICE 9365ET, KJ 7603 VENTURE 309J ET, BOYD POWER SURGE 9024, SHF HOUSTON D287 H086, PCC 7009 MAVERICK 0183
Herd Sires

We strive to use calving ease bulls. 

See a list of our bulls below:

NJW 44C 150E ON DUTY 21J 


We have brood cows that have great pedigrees.  We strive to have cows that are good milkers and can raise a calf. 


MOHICAN BB 83G ET P44024028

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