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About East Side Farm

We started in the Hereford business in 1995 when our daughter Kayla, purchased her first Hereford steer.  We purchased this steer from Dunwalke Farm, in Far Hills, NJ.  We didn't have a farm at that time and housed our animals at Shelly's dad farm, which lasted several years, until we bought our farm on Liberty Road and named it "East Side Farm".  The rest is history as we have 8o+ Registered Hereford Cows, 2 Registered Hereford Bulls, and currently have 12 yearling heifers.  Come visit our farm anytime your in the area.  Both Jay and Shelly are active in their community, Jay and Shelly have served on the Maryland Hereford Association board of directors, as well as past President, Secretary and Treasurer.   Shelly serves on the board of directors of the Great Frederick Fair and serves on the Sponsorship, Household building, Equine, Livestock and Budget & Finance committees.  Shelly has been involved in the ABC Junior Show, serving as Secretary, Show Chairman and is past President. 

Our pride and joy is our grandson Austin Justus, who was born October 3, 2014.  He is our future showman and cattle herdsman. Austin is the son of Kayla Justus, and they reside at East Side Farm II.  

Matt Bauerlein - Our Herdsman

Matt is owner of S.A.C. Show Cattle and raises Charolais cattle, Matt is from Hampstead, MD and has been our full time herdsman since February 2020.  Matt takes care of all animals and handles all the preventative vaccines and daily care, he also does all AI breeding at East Side Farm.  If you have any questions about our animals, please don't hesitate to contact Matt at 410-215-5008
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